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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

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  • sbabunle
    06-26 02:54 PM
    Its pathetic people are calling each other racists. Guys
    we have an uphill task in front of us. The only chance
    of winning is that stay together and work together.

    There are 200000 members for NumberUSA.com. How much
    are we? Meagre 5000. And we are calling names ourselves it
    wont go too far.

    Please remember every single day the citizens of USA
    are turning against immigration more and more. It would be
    really difficult to get the things we need from the law makers.

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  • gatsat
    08-28 04:19 PM
    Even me too

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  • beppenyc
    06-21 04:18 PM
    Answering for Logiclife, whose time zone is a couple hours behind.

    CIR will likely not be VOTED dead. There just will not be anything done about naming a Conference committee. If a committee is indeed named, but they don't produce a report in 2-3 weeks, then CIR would be deemed dead.

    The bottom line is, if nothing happens by the end of July, CIR will likely be dead.

    We will be looking at other options much before the end of July. The problem for us is that no other legislation will be considered before the end of July.
    Well, hearing is in august, that means that the CIR for this year is dead.

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  • vicks_don
    06-09 04:34 PM
    probably Texas, that is where my I-140 was approved.

    Cancelled 4 tickets and lost 1000 bucks. Was to fly on 6th. Never expected dates will move. MY PD Nov 2001 EB3 India.

    Hoping to get receipts by 20th. Is that a fair assumption? Planning to re-book for 22nd.

    Don't want to lose another dime on cancellations and re-bookings.

    Advice and share your thoughts.

    Not sure when you are planning to return to US. They will send you fingerprint notices with in a month I guess.


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  • SREE_485
    08-20 11:38 AM
    I applied my EAD renewal on June 26th and it has been approved today. The current Ead status is " Card Production ordered ".

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  • hiUS
    09-11 08:57 PM
    I had info pass appointment today in Newark they asked my
    Info pass appointment letter
    I-485 approval letter

    I told them it�s almost one a month, I didn�t get my card yet. Then they gave me a token number and when my turn came. I met the USCIS officer he wasn�t much help at all. he just gave me 551 stamp for 1yr and when I asked him about biometric he said last year I took in Oct-07 its good till next month and I don�t need it.

    I was expecting 551 stamp look like h1 visa stamp, but it�s just an ordinary stamp.

    After coming home I called USCIS asked them about the card. She told me that card was sent out for production today and I should get it within 1 week to 30 days. Because it was sent out today that�s the reason I didn�t get the email update

    Approved on 8-12-08

    Thanks for the info.

    I think the Stamp is equal to the card. But any way you got to know that the card is ordred for production.

    Is it happened because you went to Infopass and something is updated there or is it a coincidence?

    Did you cal the USCIS regular customer service number to know the status?

    Id there any change in the online message of Approval Notice sent to Card production is ordered?

    Mine is exactly the same as yours. Your inputs will be helpful to me and I too need to go to Newark if needed.


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  • gc4me
    08-18 12:45 PM
    Are you sure that your application was received on Aug 8th, 2008?
    If ture then this is the shortest time I have ever seen for EAD approval.
    Lucky you!
    May be your Green Card producttion was ordered! Please share your experience.


    This is for my wife's first time EAD.

    Category: EB2, TSC
    Priority Date: June 20, 2006
    I-485 filing date: July 17th, 2007
    Paper based EAD application Received date: Aug 8th, 2008
    LUD : Aug 12th, 2008
    Card Production Ordered : Aug 16th, 2008

    That was pretty quick.
    Funny part is, I haven't received receipt notice yet.

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  • sss9i
    08-30 11:07 AM
    You are correct, NOT seeing main page.
    Everytime we need to look at page 92.
    IT people can create subaccount in Main page.

    That may be the reason that this thread is not being updated frequently. Some one should create a fresh thread and link this thread.


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  • nonimmi
    10-17 01:18 PM
    that Senior Members would be more involved in posting on this website. It makes a lot of difference if core members who have a closer perspective of the truth could respond to some questions on these threads. No response, in my opinion only helps in making the website dead and promotes unproductive arguments and squabbles here.

    It is "good" that they are not talking. That means they are working harder and something good is expected to happen.

    If there is more talk then outcome is less. This is my experience from past one plus year from IV and other immigration forums. When everyone get "too much" excited and keep posting madly about some "immature deal", at the end of the day nothing "concrete" is achived.

    Let IV do their work. I am hopeful something "good" will happen in near future.

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  • GCEB2
    09-03 02:41 PM
    Please do share your experience after the InfoPass. I will follow accordingly.

    To better be on safe side to get it stamped on my passport. I took info pass on 8-11-08 it will be almost 30 days
    I think it is 9-11-08...am I right?

    They say you will become actual permanent resident when you get the card The card is important.
    As replied by Desi3933, it is incorrect to my knowledge. Approval notice it self is a proof that you are a Permanent Resident. The stamp in the passport works for us till we get the physical card. I think you will get it on 9/11/08 9Infopass appointment date).

    Hi hiUS

    Thanks for noticing I have corrected my info pass date.

    did you took info pass appointment.


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  • prom2
    08-02 10:21 AM

    Just checking if anyone in this thread got his/her check encashed this morning.

    I saw a user in other thread. Received at NSC on Jun 25th, transfered to TSC, got checks cleared today...

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  • abq_gc
    08-18 03:08 PM
    Think Once again,

    Processing application based on Priority dates which is applicable to Any Employement (EB1, EB2, EB3) or Even family categories, with respect to Quota for that catagories..

    Again as Somebody mentioned Earlier, its not going to get solved in 2-3 Months, So this will be helpful only from Futuristic purpose.

    Its Vision problem, But this can't be solved by Lawsuites, It needs discussions, Negotiations and Communication, By Who have access to USCIS representative. In a Nutshell IV or AILA Kind of group, need to bring on their agenda, if they think its in Best interest for everybody.

    Simply put i am used to standing in queue to Buy Coffe, and somebody gets priority I feel i've been bypassed.

    Agree with you completely... and I would like to add one more point is this unnecessary classification of EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3... we are all highly skilled among our respective fields.. and I don't think this classification does any justice... but I very well know this wont be solved in 2-3 days... so no use talking abt it.. i guess


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  • house Wallpapers New York Auto
    07-09 05:54 PM
    Hello :

    I am writing to you to give you a heads-up on a news story which is
    about to happen on July 10th 2007. If you have been following the
    issue of Immigration in the news lately, the United States Citizenship
    and Immigration Services (USCIS) along with the Department of
    State(DoS) announced an update to the July Visa bulletin essentially
    eliminating any chances to apply for "Adjustment of Status" aka. the
    last stage of the Green Card/Permanent Residency process. This
    bulletin was was originally published during the mid month of June
    inviting all legal immigrants to apply for Permanent Residency.

    The Visa bulletin is a formal communication method to all Immigration
    adjudication officers and personnel in National and International
    consular offices of the United States of America, advising the
    personnel of the availability of Permanent Resident visas which are
    capped at 140,000 a year worldwide. The system has already forced many
    delays and approx. 400,000 applications are back-logged.

    This update was released on July 2nd, the first business day for the
    month of July. Thousands of dollars were spent in legal fees and
    medical examination fees by some 200,000 highly skilled legal
    immigrants who chose to follow the rules and abide by the laws.

    Several lawsuits have been filed against USCIS and DoS asking for
    reimbursement of legal and medical expenses by AILF (American
    Immigration Law Foundation) and AILA (American Immigrant Lawyers

    The Legal immigrant community backed by ImmigrationVoice.org (a 15,000
    strong group representing the Highly Skilled Legal Immigrants
    Community) is resorting to a unique way of protesting this decision.
    We have decided to take a leaf out of Mahatma Gandhi's book and send a
    dozen flowers to the USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez as a way of
    protesting against this debacle brought upon by the high handedness of
    the two departments.

    Please find attached the Press release from ImmigrationVoice detailing
    this protest.

    As always, you folks at have always given unbiased coverage to
    events, both local and nation wide. I hope you will cover this story
    and bring to light this case of cheating by the USCIS and Dept. of

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me @

    Best regards,



    News recording of the Coverage by NBC Nightly news:-


    Thanks for your efforts, this is exactly what we need.

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  • GCneeded
    05-23 01:04 PM
    Sent Email to all 10 senators + 2 senators from CA


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  • eastwest
    04-21 03:50 PM
    Here is what you do,

    1. Do not talk to them on phone
    2. Send them a letter stating keeping your salary is against law. If they think you owe them the money, send you a letter explaining why they think the money is owed and how much, state that filing of labor is a cost to the company and not to the employee as per DOL
    3. Give them a time limit of 30 days.
    4. Ask them to send all the correspondence to your home address.
    5. Send them a letter with some kind signature rcpt.

    Wait and see, If they have a real claim then they will respond to you otherwise they will send your money.

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  • dresses bredow-web.de/Autos/Cadil

    08-18 03:00 PM
    I just got red :)


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  • gccovet
    02-09 02:45 PM
    I will mail my $50 Contribution Today.

    GO IV GO-

    Thanks a lot rvurady14.

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  • velan
    06-26 01:01 PM

    Guys don't talk about what undocumented workers are going to get, every one has their own story. Instead of comparing like they are going to get these and those, we need to concentrate on what we want. We don't even need to spend lot of time to discuss in this forum about what undocumented workers are going to get, nobody knows when they will get these privileges. In USA you don't get anything that easily, you have to work hard to earn it.

    We need to concentrate on IV goals to remove the retrogression and backlog elimination by spreading IV its agenda to our friends to get more funds and members. I believe this approach will help us to achieve our goals, instead talking about about legal vs. illegal.

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